Nashville, TENNESSEE – According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, this incident occurred Wednesday night.

It happened in the area of Blank and Herman Streets.

MNPD officers responded to a report of a large fight.

The responding officers reportedly observed three suspects firing pistols prior to getting into a black Nissan Altima which fled the area.

After a short police chase, officers lost sight of the suspect’s vehicle.

The responding officers then returned to the site of the original fight and reportedly saw a silver Nissan Altima drive off.

Witnesses told the officers that the occupants of the silver Nissan were armed.

Officers stopped the silver vehicle and two suspects were arrested.

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27-year-old Aerius Collier and 23-year-old Donisha Eddings were taken into custody.

Two guns were recovered from the vehicle and Eddings’ infant son was in an unsecured child carrier in the backseat.

27-year-old Collier is now charged with gun possession during the commission of a felony and child endangerment.

23-year-old Eddings is charged with child endangerment.